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*test* Postal Kit Newborn 1

Kit Content can vary slightly between kits - this is a sample list:
- 20 Diapers - different types & brands
- Wraps (=covers)
- 1 large wetbag
- 1 small or medium wetbag
- Inserts/boosters
- Reusable wipes
- Reusable liners
- Pack of disposable liners
- Diaper fastener

Also comes with:
- Fitting demonstration
- Kit Walkthrough
- Washing guidelines
- Troubleshooting during rental period (via Whatsapp, Signal, text, email, ...)
- Resources for buying new & preloved diapers

Please note this is enough for full time use if you wash daily or part time use if you wash every 2-3 days. However each baby is different and it may therefore last more or less than this.

Fee: CA$ 120.00 per borrow

Not available
Condition: EUC - excellent used condition
Code: CDLONP001

Fits most babies from birth to around 6 months or ~7lbs (3kg) to ~ 20lbs (9kg)

Rental period 90 days (3 months)
(If you choose a fewer than 90 days you will still be charged $120. If you find you want to return the kit early, we can refund any unused days, but please contact us before returning a kit early!)

No deposit required

This is a Postal Kit and will be shipped in a LARGE Canada Post Flat Rate Box to any Canadian address where Canada Post will ship. You keep the box and use it to return the kit.

The rental starts 13 days from the day we ship the package (to allow for delivery) until the day you drop it back off at the post office.

Shipping is included in the price.

$30 per month
$30 for the return shipping fee to us
(we cover the $30 shipping fee to you)

Extra months can be booked for $30 per month.

This item is not available for reservation online. Please contact us.

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